About Us

Simply put, we are in the business of keeping you in business. You need to focus on your goods and services, not tracking down payments. That’s right where we come in.

We save you time and money, allow your staff to focus on your business, and keep payments coming in while working in a diplomatic, professional and courteous manner.

Our staff is supported by systems such as mailings, automated phone calls, and skip tracing. All of that is great, but what makes us remarkable is our people. Our owners and employees represent you well. We end your stress of constantly calling and tracking down payments.

Now, more than ever, your business needs to focus on what it does well, and affordably outsource what it doesn’t. Since 1946, Great Lakes Collections Agency has built a reputation among Michigan businesses as the answer the accounts receivable riddle.

Stop worrying. Stop guessing. Start focusing and relaxing. Contact us to get started.

Want to know more? Here you go.

  • We used a mixed media approach of letters, automated phone calls, and direct collector calls.
  • We have superior technology that allows our clients the ability to upload accounts electronically and we offer your customers the ability to pay their bills electronically.
  • We can customize reports to your needs
  • We are licensed and bonded
  • Our collectors are ACA trained and certified
  • We offer advanced skip tracing
  • Superior phone technology using the predictive dialer which allows our collectors the ability to contact more of your customers in a highly efficient manner.
  • We work with your customers or patients keeping your relationship with them intact.
  • Our collectors work after hours which increase their opportunity to connect with your customers or patients during evening hours.
  • We follow the Fair Debt Act and are HIPAA compliant
  • Experienced owners Barb Brockelbank previous to owning GLCA she was the¬†Director of Accounts Receivable at White and White Home Health Care a previous division of Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids
  • Dale Brockelbank was the accounts receivable and credit manager for Farmers Petroleum a previous division of Farm Bureau of Michigan
  • Member ACA
  • Been in business since 1946
  • Industries we serve include
    • hospitals
    • medical doctors
    • propane dealers
    • farm co-ops
    • property management and landlords
    • phone and cable companies
    • internet providers
    • government
    • schools and colleges
    • dentist, eye doctors
    • veterinarians
    • any business needing services with receivable collection.